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Katie is a Chartered Linguist, and a qualified and experienced teacher and interpreter. Learn and practice away online with Katie in your own time.

Lessons are tailor-made, according to your language level, specification and interests. 


Online Language Tuition.

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Learn English/Portuguese or Spanish.
Lessons are bespoke and tailor-made for YOU.
Wherever you are, these lessons are an easy, convenient and practical way of learning a language.
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Who can apply: children (aged between 8 to 15) and adults
Language level: Beginners, Elementary and Intermediate.
How to get started: A Skype or Zoom interview will establish suitability, language level and lesson planning 

  • Structure: Blocks of 10 lessons
  • Essential: Any level in group 
  • Premium: Private and Bespoke lessons
  • Premium Plus: Private lessons with extra fun activities and cultural component.
Katie Belo dos Santos - Course tutor and trainer

Your Tutor/Course Trainer

Katie Belo dos Santos:
2 countries, 2 names, 2 languages!
Katie has dual nationality, British and Portuguese, and two names (Katherine and Catarina!).

She was born in the UK, and raised in Portugal. Her English mother and Portuguese father brought her and her sibling up speaking both languages, resulting in early bilingualism. She was subsequently educated at the universities of Coimbra, Grenoble and Southampton.

As a qualified legal interpreter/translator in English and Portuguese, Katie spent 15 years interpreting at court and police stations in England & Channel Islands. Katie is on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, and she has become a Chartered Linguist and, at the age of 37, she became the youngest Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in England.

She is a qualified and experienced teacher of Portuguese, English (as a Foreign Language) and Translation Studies, who has delivered online teaching for the universities of Portsmouth, City, Bristol and Southampton for many years. Katie is used to teaching ONLINE on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Collaborate. She teaches 1 to 1, and small groups of adults, as well as children. 

As a Fellow of the ITI, Katie has delivered countless training courses and CPD events at the London Language Show; Chartered Institute of Linguists, University of Portsmouth, University of Surrey, University of Westminster, University of Southampton, University of Alcalá, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Madrid, EU Institutions, to name a few.

In her free time, Katie loves cooking, wine-tasting, water sports, travelling, walking and history.

In all, Katie’s background, native languages, international family and upbringing, and virtual teaching experience give her a set of unique skills. 


Translation and remote interpreting in English and Portuguese.

Translation and remote interpreting in English and Portuguese

For private individuals, blue-chip companies, agencies and local government 

As a qualified legal interpreter/translator in English and Portuguese, Katie spent 15 years interpreting at court and police stations in England & Channel Islands and Portugal. 


Course trainer.

Webinars in Portuguese and English

Webinars on:

  • British and Portuguese culture 
  • Interpreting skills: starting up as an interpreter
  • What can you do with your language skills?
Teaching at Southampton University

Teaching - Southampton University

Teaching at Surrey University

Teaching -
University of Surrey

Teaching at Westminster University

Teaching -
University of 

Gold award for Future Proofring and Innovation
Silver Award for Education

Southampton, Hampshire, UK
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